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I'd love to pretend that my home is filled with priceless Art Nouveau treasures that I picked up at garage sales for a song. The sad truth is that I'm more drawn to the tacky and weird stuff, like the two-dollar brass chandelier dripping with crystals that now makes our bedroom look like the bordello of your tackiest, most decadent dreams.

I realize that making fun of the type of cast-offs you're likely to find at your typical garage sale is like shooting fish in a barrel. But that won't stop me. And why should it? These crafty things, quite frankly, tend to blow. Pretty hard, actually.

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Arcane knowledge that probably sounded pretty good once upon a time

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What constituted "food"
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Inspired by all the 25-cent romance novels I've picked up at garage sales, I'm ready to launch my own romance novel career

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