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Beautiful Artex

tiny bubbles... Damn! I knew I picked the wrong week to stop dropping acid!

I can see there's a cat and a dancing woman in a big brandy snifter and some mountains, and maybe a slingshot. I just don't know what it all means! Especially the UFO part. If you have any idea, feel free to
email me.

Nothing could be more natural than this "nature scene" of a deer done in lurid Artex paints. It takes a pretty skillful artist to make the deer look like it's resting its chest on the log while kicking its feet up in the air.

Or else maybe that deer is just naturally really flexible.

Screw the Group of Seven! I've got my Artex kit.

You could try to modify the features of the participants so they look like you and your significant other. Aww! Cute, huh? Nothing screams "romance" louder than this wall hanging. I'm just disappointed that there were no automotive detailing kits advertised in the Artex catalogue. Surely anyone would be proud to display this beautiful rendition of...whatever it is...on their vehicle.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but in this case I have none. I'm too busy snickering.

Do you love fun? Sure you do!

Ooh, bathroom decor. If you're the klassy type, the Greek urn idea is probably just what you're looking for. And it will go well with your driftwood art.

If you're fun-lovin', you'll laugh uproariously at the wacky designs on the left.


Maybe I'd appreciate this more if I were married to my first cousin. Why?

No, really. Why?

Okay, remember the troll thingie from the first Artex section? Well, this thing
isn't nearly as bad. It does get its own page, though.

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