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Easy Bizarre Crafts

A quick perusal of my 1981 copy of Better Homes and Gardens Easy Bazaar Crafts had me convinced the word "Bazaar" was a typo. See, the idea is that you're supposed to make these crafts and then sell them at a fundraising people who would give you money for them. Really!

As to how the authors could claim that
anyone would hand over currency for this dreck, heh, your guess is as good as mine. I suspect the people responsible for this book were laughing pretty hard when they wrote it.


Do these pincushions signal the twilight of our society somehow? I know these look good enough to eat, but don't try to sell them at your bakery booth!

They're pincushions, and they're a great example of a kind-of cute idea gone horribly, horribly wrong. Ouch, my eyes hurt.


Another mildly cute idea that's ultimately useless. My guess is that any kid young enough to tolerate having this thing tied to him is too young to understand the "crayons go in it" concept.

This child looks old enough to know the apron is dorky, not cute. Check out his facial expression. He's looking forward to his teen years, so he can experiment with drugs and alcohol. Then when his parents ask where they went wrong, he can hand them this picture.
One day I will make you pay for this. I swear it.

Not all the good horror movie ideas have been done already. Oh. A purse that looks like a hand. Huh. It's described as having a "small back pocket," but it's unclear whether the "handbag" actually holds anything else. You'd hope that at least it would hold something. Why else would you carry it?

To me it just looks like a severed hand. If I saw someone wearing it on a shoulder strap, I'd run screaming.

But that's just me.

Ooh, my, what a shiny, satiny finish!

Do you think they could have jammed any more clashing, non-Christmasy ribbons on this thing? I'm just imagining having to dust it every few hours.

And I'm also wondering just what the rose has to do with anything.

Decking your halls with crap


words fail me

The craft world can get pretty ugly at times, but this "doll" has got to be about the ugliest thing I have ever set eyes upon.

Is there anyone on earth who would buy this at a bazaar? Just what the hell would you do with it? Aside from bagging it up real well and then heaving it into the nearest landfill to put it out of its misery.

Forget the little twig dolls in The Blair Witch Project; this doll is what will be giving me nightmares for weeks to come. Pure evil.

Sometimes crafting can get out of hand. On
this page you can see the sad, sad results.

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