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Foods, most of them scary

I love to cook. But I love cookbooks even more, especially if they're old and filled with recipes for things I'd never want to eat.


Inspect this!

Canadians can rest easy knowing that the dedicated men of the meat inspection industry are busy examining their meat.

Dieting is easy...

...when you've got recipes like these to discourage you from eating.

Nutrition -- is it here to stay?

I just read in a '40s women's magazine that "nutrition" was a fairly new concept back then. That really shouldn't come as any great surprise. I mean, I've read the old recipes, I've seen the cookbook pictures. What cracks me up, though, is that they seem to have gotten the word "nutrition" mixed up with whatever word means "chock-full of fat, salt and sugar."

 Scandalous Foods

A couple of these recipes are so suggestive that I can't help but wonder if the authors were somehow subliminally protesting the sexual mores of the time. Well, that takes care of the intellectual portion of this website. Now let's laugh.

 Irradiated Milk

Hey, wait, it's supposed to be good for you, really! Some of the most unappealing recipes ever concocted.
  • Plus tips on nasty things to feed your favourite invalids (as if it weren't bad enough that they were sick already).

 Foods for men

Call me naïve, but I've never really noticed that there's such a thing as a gender-based food. Cookbook editors from earlier times beg to differ. I won't even go into my sociological theories on this phenomenon. That would be because I'm too busy laughing.

Recipes whose existence
begs the question, "Why?"

I just spent hours slaving over a hot stove, handling dubiously over-processed foodlike products, and this is what I ended up with?

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