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Foods that look and/or sound
vaguely...scandalous somehow

I showed this page to someone who pointed out that the first two (early '40s) are from a time when a lot of men were off fighting a war, and that the women in their lives must have been lonely. Maybe some of these women were lonely enough to fashion their own, um, men.

What a romantic Valentine's Day menu suggestion! I truly do hesitate to make fun of WWII-era food. I'm sure it was tough trying to make ends meet! But may we be frank for a moment?

Can you imagine trying to serve this to someone--anyone--with a straight face. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

The only thing that makes me think it
might have been meant seriously is the fact that there's no garnish of 14 cherry tomatoes in the centre.

Pick up bonus points if you can name the five different fonts used in this one advertisement.


I couldn't find a recipe for these...
things, but they look like they're made of bread. The fact that there was no recipe in the cookbook leaves me with the unsettling feeling that maybe this was something every good wife in the '40s knew how to make. Nah, I'm sure I'm wrong.
You'd like to try a menage a trois but aren't quite sure how to approach your husband about it? Try serving these, and maybe he'll get the hint!


Next month: see how you can use the same pattern to crochet poodle-themed toilet brush covers!

Ooh, dainty glass panties! I know, they're not food, but they are food-related.

I can imagine few things grosser than having to pick up a glass with a sodden doily-like thing attached to it. Of course, the glass might take second place in the grossness contest if it were sitting next to a heaping helping of "Corn-Sausage Pie".


"Hey, honey, what's for dinner?"


"Excellent! Could you stick it on some bread or something?

"Well, I could put it in a bun."

"Bonus. Oh, and by the way, I'm bringing 46 guests for dinner. Will that be a problem?"

"No, I guess not, but I sure hope I can get enough glass panties crocheted in time."

Uh, I ate before your dinner party, thank you.

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