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Where to find old stuff

Rusty Zipper
An amazing selection of vintage items can be found here.

Where to find (non-repulsive) recipes

Unlike most of what you'll find on my site, Epicurious has recipes you might actually want to try. Hey, I wrote this section in 2000.

Japanese Food!
Excellent primer on Japanese cooking techniques, including a recipe I keep meaning to try in my ongoing quest to create the perfect okonomi.

Where to find some people who entertain me

It should come as no great surprise that I love a well-rendered prank. Rob has put together some truly creative ones. And he has a collection of foodstuffs much naughtier than anything on my site.

Television Without Pity
Save some time by just reading the recaps. They're generally way better than the shows. I've written recaps of the late, lamented Freaks and Geeks, as well as the late, and largely unlamented,
7th Heaven. Plus a show about Satan's daughter and possibly the dullest mini-series ever written about the end of the world.

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