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Leaning Toward San Francisco

by Annabella Rosemary Trent

San Francisco never looked so cheesy!

"When Suzi offered to drive two of the van Dyck triplets across the country to try an experimental vertigo treatment in San Francisco, she wondered if she was taking on twice as much adventure as she could handle. Especially when Bill and Brent convince her to take a side trip to Colorado so they can pursue their dream of 'riding the rapids' in their rowboat. Suzi stands in danger of losing her heart to dashing Bill, but the brothers stand in danger of hitting their heads on the many boulders in the river, which is exactly what happens.

"When they both develop amnesia, they can no longer remember which brother is which! Will Suzi be able to tell them apart? Will the brothers remember to make it to their vertigo treatment in time? Will they eventually just have to flip a coin to see who gets to be 'Bill'?"

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