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Did someone have a little trouble passing Drawing 101? This is part of their factory. I don't know about you, but I'd be a little leery of having my new office building designed by an architect who's such a lousy artist. That is one of the weirder examples of perspective I've ever seen.

I hope I don't turn on that TLC disasters show one day and find out the building eventually collapsed, killing everyone inside and hopelessly mangling thousands of clown ornaments beyond recognition.


A lot of their text speaks for itself. This picture is described as a "section of [the] data processing area, where hundreds of thousands of facts are stored."

I love the way the writing has the quality and tone of a 3rd-grader's science report.
We're just discussing one of the hundreds of thousands of facts we store here.

I really think the Cinderella cake doll's hooters could be bigger.The Wilton President and Vice President "plan for the future," while other workers are, I assume, frolicking merrily in a "near-fairytale section of Wilton." Can you guess which description goes with which photo? Okay, the executives are on the left.

Can you feel the fairytale magic?The workers assembling each "little work of art" are using "component parts from the four corners of the earth," which I suspect is just a nifty way of saying the parts come from Third World countries.

Despite the condescending description of what the women are doing (is anyone else thinking of the assembly line in the
Simpsons episode where Lisa designs a Barbie-like doll?), it still looks like a better job than figuring out how many ugly clown cakes to design next year or coming up with revolutionary new ideas like Tuk-N-Ruffle®.

I think it could use a few thousand more flowers. But I guess that's why I'm not a Master Decorator. "Wilton School students who have just become Master Decorators proudly survey some of their work."

Maybe after they're done surveying it they should just shellac it and stick it on a shelf, because like so many of the other cakes, it's probably inedible.

Warning: may contain some edible product.
Bonus!  Behind-the-scenes cake-making fun!

To make the lilacs you have to ice a Styrofoam base, fashion individual blossoms out of icing and then stick them on...with tweezers! Whew! That actually makes the Cinderella cake look easy in comparison. Weird, but easy.

I could have frosted this cake all night, frosted this cake all night, and still come back for more...

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