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Heartwarming Romance Novels


Garage sales and thrift shops are just littered with romance novels. I've collected stacks of them that have inspired me to create my own beautiful romance novels, written under my many lovely noms de plumes.

You can choose the novel of your dreams from the list below. Or mix yourself a big cup of that sugary international powdered coffee stuff and read them all, because you deserve to lose yourself in romance!


mbrace the squareness-- er, that is, the innocence of the '60s with Chantilly Buttersworth's At Your Service.
ou thought the '70s were tacky as sin? Me too. I don't have any novels for that period yet.
'll admit it: I loved the '80s. It deserves a trilogy:
  • Anyone who's ever been in love with identical triplets will be able to relate to Annabella Rosemary Trent's Leaning Toward Love.
  • The fun continues in Leaning Toward San Francisco as the two unwed triplets and their trusty rowboat take a road trip.
  • The remaining van Dyck bachelor is still looking for love in Leaning Toward Victory, but could his dream woman be sitting right in his rowboat? Gee, like it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that one.
he contemporary novel Hold My Calls has lots of clichés about the corporate world and supermodels. Life doesn't get much more glamorous than that.


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