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If you squint, she looks a little like Latoya Jackson. Yuk.

I find it sad to think of someone actually going to such time and effort to create an object so unabashedly revolting. I wouldn't wear it on a dare. And that's really saying something, too, because during university I once went to the liquor store wearing a T-shirt with four sets of shoulder pads in it in order to win a bet. (Yes, I already know that's a stupid bet. Yes, people did laugh at my outfit.) But if someone as dumb as me wouldn't even wear this shirt, who would?

Outside of this site, I'm actually a pretty nice person. But I have to say, I would be the first to laugh rudely if I encountered anyone sporting this design.
Here's a picture of me modelling my beautiful "Veronica" shirt. I must have washed it wrong, though, because I think the colours ran or something.

shoulderpads optional


FUN!!! Did you hear what I said? FUN, dammit!! Hmm, I wonder why this fashion trend never caught on. The design is called "Conga," and, according to the creators of the hideous T-shirt decoration book, it shouts "fun," not "complete and utter break with reality."

I made one of these as a gag gift (pun intended) for my sister one year. Her "Conga" freaked her out to the point where she eventually burned it on a campfire.

The book says you can make an elegant night-time version by using a black T-shirt and sewing on glittery scraps of fabric to create "a spectacular top that needs nothing but a simple pair of black pants to become an outfit that goes anywhere." Okaaay, but obviously, the very best place for something like that to go would be directly into the trashcan. Or onto a campfire, should you have one handy. Just watch out for those polyester fumes. I hear they're pretty toxic.


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