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Love Among the Carcasses


And what's your sign, hot stuff?

Hey, baby. Come here often?

Haw! I kill myself!

Oops, um, uh, that wasn't very sensitive of me, was it?

Pre-slaughter examination of poultry
upon arrival at the plant.


It's during those late-night times, after everyone else has left the plant, that a man starts to feel lonely and needs a friend to talk to. And when your wife has left you because you put too much energy into your work, well, really, only the chickens can understand your pain. I mean, who would understand pain better than they would? They're dead.

You know?


I miss my wife.
Inspector examining poultry
from the plucking machine


You don't bring me chickenfeed...anymore. But what happens when the romance is over?

Entrails of chicken
being examined by veterinarian


Meat some men of action...

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