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unretouched photo Mmm, Braised Short Ribs! That giant bowl in the foreground that looks like it's being held up by a photographer's assistant is full of Onion Gravy. I realize cookbook photos deteriorate over time but I can't imagine this one looking palatable, well, ever.

Whatever you do, don't eat the parsley garnishes. Rumour has it vegetables are bad for you (unless they come in cans).

Why stop at just one kind of ribs? Wouldn't two different kinds be twice as good as just one?

Besides, what else would you do with all that extra-hot catsup and unseasoned meat tenderizer you've got lying around? Just make sure the vinegar's the plain old white kind because flavoured vinegars just don't sound very manly to me.

And if the men are to be eating in "Henry VIII style", you might want to, uh, put some newspapers on the floor or something.
Try it with brontosaurus ribs for a change of pace!

Wasn't there a chapter on gender-specific foods in The Rules? Potatoes the way women love them would be beside the point, because the important thing is that your man be happy.

However, if I had to come up with a recipe for woman-style potatoes, it would probably involve piping mashed potatoes into pretty shapes and then decorating them with little paper umbrellas.

The drink pictured is called "Pow". No, really! If you actually wanted to make it you would chill canned beef broth, pour it into glasses, add horseradish and dried dill and throw in some celery pieces. Could anything be simpler, or more appealing?

Try offering this to the designated drivers at your next party, and I guarantee they'll be handing over their car keys and begging you for a beer.

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