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Bachelor Party

Yeah, Bob, the brontosaurus ribs look great. But when are you gonna bring out the Sears corset catalogue, huh, huh? Since I was only 6 years old in 1973, I wasn't exactly helping to plan any bachelor parties. Had I been in the market to do so, however, Seagram's The Spirit of Hospitality would have told me everything I need to know.

In fact, if you're hopelessly stuck in 1973 yourself, it can still help.

Unfortunately, there's no mention of ribs anywhere, but that's what your Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks are for.


Here are a few helpful tips for planning that "Stag Night":

  • If you "simply would enjoy a night of good fellowship with 'the boys,' why not consider planning a stag night? The evening's activities can revolve around poker, bridge, cribbage or just plain good conversation. It's also a good way to plan a hunting or fishing trip, or look at movies and slides of past adventures." My, it sounds like the conversation will indeed be scintillating! Especially if it's accompanied by photographs of freshly killed animals!
  • "To drink: Make them men's drinks -- simple and to the point." Good idea, but I think they missed the boat when they didn't tell me where I could go to find the list of appropriate drinks for my gender.
  • "If this is a night for 'men only' it is suggested the lady of the house hang around just long enough to dish up the main course -- then make plans to get out and perhaps catch up on the current top-run movie." I think that if my man asked me to plan this sort of party for him and then stick around just long enough to cook and serve his food, I would be inclined to leave also. The big question is, would I ever return?

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